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Hello Again

About a year since my last post?

Sounds about right.

Time for another racing rant:  The engines used in IndyCar sound better to me than those used in F1 now.  Guess which one I’ll be going to see this summer.


River Monster Coincidence

I’m sitting here, watching “River Monsters” on Animal Planet HD, and the host is in the Amazon, talking about a breed of huge fish that has started eating large Piranha.  Earlier in the day, I was watching the Formula One race and listening to all of the discussion about dischord amongst the racers at the top end of the competition.

I feel like I’m watching the same show again.

Good Morning!

Good morning, anyone who has followed me over from  I haven’t abandoned that site – quite the contrary.  I’m just using this WordPress blog as Rant Central Station.  For now, though, I’m signing up so that I can follow NBC Sports’ F1 coverage.  So sit back, enjoy or ignore, and let’s see if anything comes of this!